Mongolia: Land of Blue Sky

Visit Gobi Gurvansaikhan, Gorkhi-Terelj, Khustain Nuruu

Available as a Self Drive or Escorted Tour holiday

13 nights from £3,395 per person.

ID: TCL-4-306


Mongolia is a vast country with amazing natural beauty, largely untouched by the modern world. From the Gobi desert to snow-capped mountains and grassy steppes, where wild horses and nomads roam, Mongolia is one of the world’s last great wilderness regions. This tour immerses travellers in nomadic culture, staying in gers, learning traditional skills and sampling nomad food.

Package Summary
  • Visit nomad communities and stay in traditional ger camps
  • Learn Mongolian archery, horse riding and how to erect a ger
  • Explore the sand dunes, canyons and mountains of the Gobi desert
  • Naadam festival departures: a showcase for traditional sporting events held in July
Summary Itinerary
  • Day 1 – To Ulan Bator
  • Day 2 – Ulan Bator
  • Day 3 – Ulan Bator
  • Day 4 – Terelj National Park
  • Day 5 – To Baga Gazariin Chuluu
  • Day 6 – To the Gobi desert
  • Day 7 – To Eagle valley
  • Day 8 – To Khongoryn Els
  • Day 9 – To Ongiin Khiid Monastery
  • Day 10 – To Karakorum
  • Day 11 – To Gurvanbulag
  • Day 12 – Gurvanbulag
  • Day 13 – To Ulan Bator
  • Day 14 – To Seoul
  • Day 15 – To London

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