Land of the Great Khan

Visit Southern Altai Gobi

Available as a Self Drive or Escorted Tour holiday

15 nights from £1,695 per person.

ID: TCL-4-453


On this trip, we discover everything that is unique and special about Mongolia - the endless blue sky, picturesque steppe, vast desert and welcoming nomadic hospitality. We enjoy traditional ger (Mongolian yurt) accommodation in the tranquil Mongolian wilderness and soak up the culture in Ulaan Baatar. We also visit the annual Naadam Festival - Mongolia's biggest celebration, with spectacular displays of wrestling, archery and horse racing.

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Package Summary
  • Naadam Festival – Spend time at Mongolia’s largest annual festival
  • Enjoy the unique and welcoming nomadic hospitality and experience traditional Mongolian living in ger (Mongolian yurt) accommodation
  • Ulaan Baatar – Learn about Mongolia’s rich cultural heritage in the museums and palaces
  • Jalman Meadows and Hogno Khan Mountain – Do as much or as little as you wish in these tranquil and astonishingly beautiful spots
  • Gobi Desert – Travel through one of the remotest parts of our planet
  • Karakorum – Explore Genghis Khan’s ruined capital and the revived Erdene Zuu Monastery, once again alive with the sound of chanting, after being destroyed in the Stalinist purges
Summary Itinerary
  • Day 1 – Join Tour Ulaan Baatar
  • Day 2 – Drive to Jalman Meadows
  • Day 3 – Free time in Jalman Meadows
  • Day 4 – Free time in Jalman Meadows
  • Day 5 – Drive to Ulaan Baatar
  • Day 6 – Spend time enjoying Nadaam Festival
  • Day 7 – Naadam Festival in Ulaan Baatar
  • Day 8 – Fly to South Gobi, explore Yol Valley
  • Day 9 – Bayanzag dinosaur eggs
  • Day 10 – Visit Ongi Monastery; drive to Saikhan Ovoo
  • Day 11 – Drive to Karakorum
  • Day 12 – Drive to Hogno Khan Mountain
  • Day 13 – Free Day in Hogno Khan
  • Day 14 – Drive to Ulaan Baatar
  • Day 15 – Ulaan Baatar sightseeing
  • Day 16 – Tour ends Ulaan Baatar

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