Galapagos : Wildlife Wonderland

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Available as a Self Drive or Escorted Tour holiday

7 nights from £4,195 per person.

ID: TCL-4-211


Exotic wildlife welcomes you ashore as they go about their daily routines on remote Galápagos Islands untouched by time. Lots of families live here in large colonies, like red- and blue-footed boobies whose webbed shoes are some of the most colorful you’ll see on a feathered local, and their masked relatives, the Nazca boobies. Galápagos fur seals, found nowhere else in the world, congregate en masse on rock shores, with many of the pups staying near their mothers for up to three years. Sea-diving marine iguanas, unique among reptiles, live in harems guarded by head-bobbing males who threaten unwanted suitors, and the islands’ penguins populate beachfront neighborhoods with their chicks as both parents take turns feeding and caring for them. Others are solitary creatures, like giant tortoises who are on their own from birth as they lumber along on a life’s journey that can last more than 100 years. Which gives them ample time to greet families like yours when you come ashore.

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Package Summary
  • 4 nights aboard the 90-guest M/V Santa Cruz, built exclusively for Galápagos Islands cruising; dry and wet landings
  • Licensed Naturalist Guides of Galápagos National Park accompany shore excursions and hold briefings aboard ship, offering hands-on natural history lessons
  • Private Tauck Shore Excursions with experts, averaging two daily, for wildlife sightings and exciting activities
  • Entrance fee to Galápagos Nat’l Park – $100 value per adult
  • Have brunch near a dormant volcano close to the Equator and explore colonial Quito on a guided tour
  • Learn about the Galápagos’ natural history and conservation in the islands during a visit to the Cristóbal Interpretation Center on San Cristóbal
Summary Itinerary
  • Day 1 – Arrive Quito, Ecuador
  • Day 2 – Visit the Equator and explore Quito
  • Day 3 – Cruise to islands time forgot
  • Day 4 – Meet the locals on Santiago Island
  • Day 5 – Hike on Bartolomé & explore Rábida
  • Day 6 – Towering sights & boobies at Darwin Bay
  • Day 7 – Disembark ship & fly to Guayaquil
  • Day 8 – Homeward bound

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