Cradle Of Voodoo

Visit Pendjari

Available as a Self Drive or Escorted Tour holiday

15 nights from £1,545 per person.

ID: TCL-4-430


On this journey across Togo and Benin we discover tribal cultures, ancient voodoo traditions and colonial architecture. We witness traditional rituals, walk through the Atakora Mountains and stay in a stilt village. We also trek through pristine rainforest, meet the chiefs of the Bassari tribes, witness a fire-dance and a mask ceremony.

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Package Summary
  • Voodoo – A unique opportunity to witness the intriguing and esoteric rituals of West Africa.
  • Tamberma – Remote fortified dwellings in the Atakora mountains.
  • Kloto – Scenic highlands and walks in the tropical forest.
  • Abomey – The impressive Royal palace, a UNESCO Heritage site.
  • Ganvie – A remarkable stilt village on Lake Nokwe.
  • Village Life – Experience the diversity of cultures and traditions in West Africa.
  • Lomé – Togo’s vibrant capital and the fetish market.
Summary Itinerary
  • Day 1 – Join tour Lome
  • Day 2 – Visit Lome; transfer to Kpalime surrounded by tropical forest
  • Day 3 – Hike in the rainforest to discover its flora and fauna
  • Day 4 – Drive to Sokode through villages and markets; fire dance in the evening
  • Day 5 – Drive to the Bassar region. Visit the clay houses and learn about the iron production
  • Day 6 – Visit the Kabye region and transfer to the Atakora Mountains
  • Day 7 – Visit the Somba in the Atakora Mountains
  • Day 8 – Drive to Natitingou; discover the town with its museum and market, meet local artisant or relax by the pool
  • Day 9 – Drive to Dassa visiting the Yom people and the fetish village of Dankoli
  • Day 10 – Visit the Royal Palace in Dassa and attend a mask ceremony
  • Day 11 – Visit the Royal Palace in Abomey and attend a Gelede mask ceremony
  • Day 12 – Visit Porto Novo, transfer to Ganvie in the afternoon
  • Day 13 – Visit Ouidah; drive to Grand Popo
  • Day 14 – Pirogue trip along Mono River
  • Day 15 – Drive to Togo via voodoo villages; continue to Lome
  • Day 16 – Tour ends

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