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Myanmar's (Burma) 9 national parks offer you the opportunity to see a stunning variety of flora and fauna in diverse ecosystems. So rich is Myanmar's biodiversity that conserving Myanmar's biodiversity is considered essential for maintaining the world's biodiversity. Here live some 14000 species of plants, 1036 species of residential birds (12% of world’s total), 68 species of swallow-tail butterflies (12% of the world total), 372 species reptiles, 300 species of mammals and many rare or endangered species. Large herds of Asian elephants roam in Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park, home too to the endangered Burmese brow-antlered deer, several species of bears, giant monitor lizards and the elusive clouded leopard. The mountainous Khakaborazi National Park has forests where you can see rare butterflies and orchids. The 437 acre National Kandawgyi Botanical Gardens contains more than 300 species of orchids, as well as 514 species of indigenous trees, 74 foreign tree species, and 75 distinct types of bamboo.

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